We are proud to offer you a broad range of high-quality solid biofuels for your fireplace, stove and boiler.

Wood is a renewable natural resource, provided it is used rationally. A rational approach to wood is a prerequisite for saving forests, which provide our planet with oxygen.

Wood is used as a raw material in many industries. Wood is indispensable for construction, furniture making, production of cardboard, paper and a wide range of commodities.

Logging and woodworking produce a lot of wood waste. Logging alone turns about 20 percent of wood into waste, including rootstocks, branchwood, bark and needles. Timber that is unfit for construction, furniture making and other industries for various reasons is discarded as waste, too – it is commonly known as “cull lumber”. It is this sort of timber that is used to produce firewood or is further processed to make various types of fuel briquettes and pellets.

A wood-burning fireplace gives a nostalgic touch to your home, adding a unique charm and distinct aroma of burning firewood.
Firewood has been the primary fuel for centuries, filling homes with warmth and coziness. The XXI century with its array of more efficient fuels may seem the right time to abandon firewood, but coal, natural gas and diesel fuel will never come near the crackling of burning firewood.
With permanently increasing oil and gas prices, firewood has not lost its relevance and is still prized as an excellent ecological fuel.
Beech, hornbeam, oak, ash, birch and alder are especially popular trees for firewood.